How to Wish Your Loved Ones A Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve provides one of the most exciting and memorable occasions that you and your friends will experience together. However, if you are the one organizing the party, the chances are you will feel pressure to ensure that everything is perfect. This blog post will provide you with a list of the top things to add to your shopping list to ensure a fantastic and well-planned party for everyone.



The venue for the party is not going to be complete without some beautiful flowers. This year, it is likely that you may be having a virtual New Year’s Eve party because of social distancing. Therefore, flowers represent the perfect way of wishing someone a Happy New Year. Plus, they will look beautiful in the background of your zoom call! Some great choices include Orchids, Peonies, Chrysanthemums, Plum Blossoms, and Bamboo Lucky Plants.


Your music selection for the party will set the tone for the rest of the night. If you are hosting a more sophisticated New Year's celebration, try sticking with more classical music which everyone can enjoy. Base your music selection on the types of people you have invited for your celebration, as well as how you intend the night to go. Music with a nice beat and bass will have your friends wanting to dance on the dance floor!


Food brings everyone together, so why not celebrate with a variety of elegant bites! Gourmet Baskets full of different finger foods and chocolates are a sure way that you have something for everyone's taste! Take it up a notch and offer different types of charcuterie boards. These can include a mix of fancy cheeses, crackers, nuts, cold cuts, and other finger foods. You can be sure that these items will add the spice and flare you are looking for in a New Year's celebration!


A bottle of champagne is a great way to start the evening and set the tone for a great night with your best friends. After all, it’s a celebration and champagne is at the forefront of most special occasions. Plus, everyone needs a glass of champagne to toast in the New Year, right?

So, there you have it: some of the all-important items that we recommend to make sure that you can ring in the New Year in style. Find a beautiful selection of flower arrangements and gift baskets at your local florist. Our team at The Flower Shop of Chicago serves our local Chicago, IL community, and offers convenient delivery options! We know that this year has been a very difficult one, but that gives us even more reason to celebrate the arrival of 2021, right? Whether you are having a virtual party or a small gathering, if you have all of the items on this list, you will have everything you need to wish your loved ones a Happy New Year!

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